Saddle Up’s Black Gold...

The goal of this "home-grown" company is two-fold: Put a smile on your face, and then give you the opportunity to make someone's day by spreading the love. (Get it…spreading the love? Read on, it'll make sense) After all, who doesn't need a reason to smile…or better yet:  Have a laugh…GiveA….(laugh)?!

Thanx to our producers, we have a bountiful supply of Black Gold.  Not the Beverly Hillbillies type of Black Gold, but the horse produced kind - dark, aged, primo unmanipulated Shit - or as more modest folks might call it, Compost.  Normally, this fabulous resource is hauled off, spread in parts near and far and no one gives it another thought…until now that is!

With the creation of GiveAShit's individually handcrafted Gift Pail Kits, you now have a fun, unique and affordable way to say, "Hey…"

Just wanted you to know I GiveAShit!

Thanx… because U GiveAShit!

Just for Shits & Giggles! Was thinking of you

GiveAShit, a trademark of Saddle Up's Black Gold, is never derogatory.  Is it risqué? It's certainly not meant to offend. We believe we've created a classy way to utilize an amazing natural resource (Go Green!) and package it so that it guarantees everyone's delight in not only receiving it but displaying it.  We won't lie…we love seeing the reactions too!

So, in lieu of sending cut flowers that wilt and die, or balloons that pop and only add to landfills, come to instead and send a long lasting Gift Kit: decorative pail, package of Black Gold, your choice of herb seeds…beautifully gift wrapped and delivered!

Welcome to the Give A Shit Store site.  We hope you get as much of a kick out of it as we do.

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