Saddle Up’s Black Gold...

Is this really horse manure?

At one time it certainly was! However, we are not shipping hot, steamy piles of it. By the time it makes it into our pails, the unmanipulated manure has gone through the natural composting process and is now beautiful Black Gold.

Can I use this to grow herbs and vegetables that I plan on eating?

Absolutely!  Black Gold is a plant media that won't burn plants.

How soon should I see sprouts once I plant my seeds?

Since we are all about instant gratification, one of the criteria for seed selection was germination time.  When we plant, we see sprouts within a matter of days.  

Can I send this anywhere in the U.S.?

You can order FROM any state! Every state has its own Laws & Regulations regarding the shipment of nursery and greenhouse stock.  Saddle Up's Black Gold has worked to ensure we meet any and all regulatory measures that are in place. Unfortunately at this time, we are restricted from shipping

TO California and Hawaii only.  We are working diligently on the compliance agreement to receive authorization a.s.a.p. We will be updating this list daily until all 50 are approved, so keep checking back!  

Can I ship out of the country or to active Military overseas?

Unfortunately not at this time due to similar regulations mentioned above. Eventually we hope to have the ability to do so because who is more deserving than our troops?!?!

What's the Order-to-Delivery timeline?

We use the USPS Click & Pick-Up Priority Mail option. Delivery time is 2-3 postal business days.  Orders are batched nightly to our local P.O., then picked up and shipped the next business day. Each package will have a tracking number kept here on file.

Can I overnight an order?

We won't say No, if you are willing to pay for it! Our ultimate goal in setting a flat shipping rate was to keep this affordable for everyone.  If you would like to overnight a package please email or call and we'll quote you a price based on destination.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

Sure, the Post Office will treat it as any other package too large for a P.O. Box and leave a note so the recipient can pick it up at the counter.

How does the United States Post Office feel about shipping "shit"?

We can't speak for the entire postal service, but our local staff gets a huge kick out of it!  They are extremely helpful and supportive, and our dogs love seeing our carrier each day for pick ups…he brings treats!

What if my intended recipient can't open the box right away?

No worries…it will not affect the compost or seeds to stay packaged up for an extended period of time.

Is this a secured site?

Yes! We have a Secured Site License and have selected to use First Data and to make sure we are PCI compliant and safe for you to do business with online.  Saddle Up's Black Gold has no access to your credit card information.

Do you accept checks?

We do!  Please mail your check with your order request and contact information.  Once your check has been received and cleared through our bank, we will be happy to send out your gift.

Can I contact you directly?

We would appreciate keeping as much business online as possible as GiveAShit headquarters is farm-based. If you send us an email: during "normal business hours" CST, we will do our best to get back to you right away.  If your inquiry is of an urgent nature, you can call 815-695-5509…please use your best judgment and be considerate of the time of day/night.