Saddle Up’s Black Gold...

“They think they can make fuel from horse manure - Now, I don't know if your car will be able to get 30 miles to the gallon, but it's sure gonna put a stop to siphoning”

Bamboo Pail

A warm yellow base with a green Bamboo design.  

Look closely, can you translate Japanese?

Aztec Star Pail

A soft cinnamon base with a gold Aztec-style Starburst. Probably our most gender-neutral of designs.

Our Pails

Kickin Boot Pail

Nutmeg base with a burgundy Cowboy boot design.  We added the spurs and sparks for flare!

Blue Flower Pail

A white base with a beautiful Cobalt Blue flower design. Classic and elegant.

Every pail is individually hand-crafted by us, Marni and Erica, on the farm in the good ole' USA. These are not manufactured, mass produced painted pails. We do our best to keep uniformity but since we personally paint and then free-style the designs, there will never be two exactly the same. We view this as a benefit.  So if you are a lucky recipient of a pail with a "flaw" then...You are Welcome!

We created these color-combinations and designs in the hopes that there is at least one that appeals to everyone who wants to Give A Shit!  We will continue to design and produce new pail options as various holidays roll around and seasons change.  Custom pail orders can be created and produced if you are interested (minimum order requirement and other fees apply).  We will also begin offering other seed selections which may be more seasonal in nature, as we continue to grow ourselves.

So let's all get busy spreading the love...and Give A Shit!

Because…I Give A Shit

A soft moss green base with a message that you care!

Because…U Give A Shit

A soft moss green base with a message to thank someone else for having your back!

Go Green Give A Shit

A soft moss green base promoting the recycling efforts represented in your gift!

Free Herb Seed Options:

Sweet Basil:  

Also known as "Common Basil", this is the Undisputed King of the Italian Basils and one of the most popular herb seeds in the world.  Versatile and tasty, it can be used to make any dish delicious.  Use it either fresh or dried.

Coriander (Cilantro):

Most versatile of all culinary herbs.  Adds fresh and delicious flavor to soups, salsas and salads.  Great for meat and fish too!


Highly versatile herb that is prized for its culinary and medicinal attributes.  Use this to spice up any meal, particularly Mediterranean dishes. Added benefits: lowers blood sugar & cholesterol. BONUS: increases the libido!

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind...Burgundy barbwire belt buckle design with a favorite classic saying...pretty self explanatory don't ya' think?

Happy Trails

Happy Trails Pail - A Happy Holidays feel with a 365 day/year message!

Valentines Day Pail

Valentines Day Pail - Tell someone you love, that you Give a lotta love.  Limited Time, Order before 2/10/2012


Show the world everyday, Beer Koozie.