Saddle Up’s Black Gold...

Horse manure is recycled grass... unlike a plastic bag, if you leave manure on the ground, it will quickly dry out and disappear with no intervention on the part of mankind. The human excrement of debris and trash never goes away and cannot recycle itself as can horse manure.

Our Story

Anyone who has ever owned a farm with livestock has had to deal with a Manure Management program…it's no fun, and it ain't cheap!  For years it has irked me that I have had to pay for someone to haul off this prime Black Gold, but I simply didn't have enough friends with trucks and gardens to take it all off my hands.

So at yet another commiserating meeting (aka for drinking at the local tavern), we were discussing alternate options for the "Ski Bunny Hill" behind the barn. ! I was so frustrated because all of the feedback from those who used it were things like, "My plants came back so strong and vibrant this year", or "I won best Zucchini at the fair this year using your compost". If only we could find an entrepreneurial way to unload this viable commodity.

Ah-Ha! I got a pen and scratch paper and started sketching. First the name: GiveAShit! Figurative as well as literal, I like it, done. Packaging: How could we package it so it's attractive? I certainly didn't want it to be mixed in with those fake piles of poop you get at a novelty store. I wanted classy…it didn't have to say Shit anywhere on it…it could, but we needed options. Solution: The Pail. I listed different theme ideas and color combinations I would like to have in my house. Now, what to put in it: Obviously the Shit, but we needed to spice it up, sprinkle it with love. Seeds! (That was kind of the "Duh, no shit Sherlock" moment of the process) Finally, the benefits: Recycling, Usability, Affordable, Entertaining…and a business utilizing the resources of the farm.

Okay, it was all down on paper, a solid step towards fruition, but alas, it was time to adjourn the meeting because our jobs didn't give a shit about GiveAShit. Next day, I stuck that little piece of scratch paper to my home-office corkboard where it stayed for more than a year...taunting me! Someday I'm going to really look at doing this, I would threaten. Thankfully that day finally came and I called my longtime friend who lives a mile down the road (Bonus: she also happens to own a printing company), and said "Hey, I have this idea and I need to pick your brain."  Next day, she came over and GiveAShit was hatched.

Within an hour, Erica had created the logo, we started designing artwork and making lists of things to clarify and verify. We had business development sessions every week for 3 months: testing paints and designs, growing trials with compost mixtures and seeds (immediate gratification, or as close to it as possible), cut bailing twine and packaging seeds into the wee-hours …the list goes on! But we would be remiss if we didn't mention how we terrorized our men with tales of how many pails we painted in one day, how great a design turned out, and their own Honey-Do lists. All of that and then some so we can present to you GIVEASHIT!

We sincerely hope you enjoy GiveAShit as much as we do!  Spread the love..

Thanx for your support, Marni and Erica